Lentil-shaped bait wipes out slugs

Sipcam has added Ferrex, a ferric phosphate slug killer, to its UK range of crop protection and fertiliser products.

Ferric phosphate is a compound of natural elements and presents minimal risk for water courses, plants and wildlife compared to metaldehyde, which has an uncertain future.

Ferrex is a palatable and dust-free lentil-shaped bait containing 2.5% w/w of anhydrous ferric phosphate (3.1% w/w hydrous ferric phosphate). Application rate is 6 kg/ha, which provides a large number of baiting points at around 60-66 baits/m2. Each bait is approximately 3 mm in diameter. The combination of optimum bait size and low volume application rate make Ferrex easy to spread.

The bait is rain and moisture stable offering good resistance to mould in high humidity which means it is available when weather conditions encourage slug population growth and when they are most active. The slim biting edge of the lentil bait has been proven to encourage rapid bait uptake, even by juvenile slugs, ensuring control across the population.

Ferrex blocks the digestive system of slugs and they cease feeding, retreating underground to die without leaving trails. Efficacy needs to be measured by observing crops rather than dead slugs.

James Ward of Sipcam said: “Ferrex is a well proven product with bait that is easy to apply and weather resistant. With the future of metaldehyde uncertain many growers this autumn will be using ferric phosphate for the first time on a large scale. The high quality Ferrex pellet, produced using a patented process, provides consistent pellet characteristics that ensures good spreadability and high efficacy. Overall it has been shown to be more effective than metaldehyde.

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